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Provide one sentence describing your core technology.

As the module for personal thermoelectrics, FlameStower is on track to be the lowest cost small generator in the world for cell phones and small lighting outdoors and in the developing world.


Short description of your technology

We charge cell phones. FlameStower is an energy product engineering, design, and manufacturing company that’s developed a small, portable generator to capture heat energy from campfires, cook stoves, any open flame, and convert it direct into electricity. Positioned to be the "module" for thermoelectrics and small heat recovery applications, FlameStower is a low cost, self-contained solution to power small mobile devices and LEDs with only fire and water needed to operate. Its not a lot of energy, but the low power demands of modern devices fundamentally change global energy strategies: one of the most powerful tools the world has known – a cellphone allowing instant communication and limitless knowledge – now fits in your pocket and needs only five volts to charge.


What is the key element of your technology that differentiates it from existing solutions

FlameStower accomplishes two really hard things. Taking lessons from the PV industry, our focus on affordability puts FlameStower on track to offer the lowest-cost small electricity generator on a $/Wh basis for off-grid applications with a lifetime greater than 10 years. In addition, our unique, simple industrial design enables local assembly, decreasing shipping and import costs while boosting economic opportunity in our host communities. Combined, FlameStower will introduce small, user-controlled electricity in developing communities at sustainable price points, enhancing socio-economic growth at the individual and regional level - something photovoltaics, dynamo, and internal combustion devices cannot do.


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Primary Contact


  • Andrew Byrnes



Team Members


  • Andrew Byrnes

    Founder, Energy

    Utility scale wind and solar project management. Stanford Materials Science and Engineering.

  • Adam Kell

    Founder, Design

    PV fabrication engineer. Stanford Materials Science and Engineering.


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