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By Troy Von Otnott

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BDL offers a game-changing production well water recycling technology solution set for the oil and gas industry, generating truly clean water as well as salable co-liquids and characterized by a zero ‘reject fraction’, alleviating any secondary waste disposal issues.


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BDL Water Technologies, LLC is preparing to launch a paradigm-shift wastewater treatment and recycling solution set for on-site processing of produced water from the Oil & Gas industry. Energy Sector Operators are currently beset by ever-increasing problems of accessibility to fresh water for production and extraction and, conversely, options for the environmentally acceptable, and legally compliant, disposal or recycling of produced water from their production and recovery processes. To date, the industry has had to rely on questionable disposal methods including deep well re-injection or open pit evaporation, often characterized by very costly (and potentially damaging) transportation components. The solution set we have developed and are deploying is not only a ‘closed-loop’ approach with no secondary waste streams, but also facilitates the manufacturing of valuable chemical co-products.


What is the key element of your technology that differentiates it from existing solutions

BDL’s technology suite and business model do not currently exist within the energy sector’s produced water treatment industry. Industry people with whom we have discussed and demonstrated the system have commented that our technology suite has the potential to become the future de facto standard for the oil and gas industry. Intelligent selection and distribution of production well water treatment and recycling depots on a Design, Build, Own, and Operate (DBOO) model is our business strategy. This model is akin to that of a typical landfill MSW facility. The facility is paid a “tipping fee” to receive waste materials from trash and refuse haulers and then creates salable byproducts from their chosen technological process. This technique will lead to a transformation in the wastewater treatment category for the Oil & Gas sector upon strategic deployment of capital resources.


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In order to protect our company's IP, we have elected not to create a public website at this time.


Primary Contact


  • Troy Von Otnott



Team Members


  • Troy Von Otnott

    Strategic Advisor

    Troy A. Von Otnott serves as President of Clean Terra, a Strategic Advisor to BDL Water Technologies, LLC. Mr. Von Otnott most recently facilitated the Smart Energy Atlanta program, which contracts with the City of Atlanta to run its Property Assessed Clean Energy Finance Program (PACE) on behalf of the Ygrene Energy Fund. Previously, Troy served as President and Founder of South Coast Solar, the largest and most successful solar energy company in the Southeast. Von Otnott, a U.S. Army Veteran who specialized in both Finance and Nuclear/Biological/Chemical projects, has over ten years of experience in real estate development consulting for several of the largest developers in the Southeast. In 2008, Mr. Von Otnott served as the Executive Director of the New Orleans-based First Bank and Trust Community Development Corporation. He has served as a Technical Advisor to MWH, the City of New Orleans' Engineering Consultants and is a Board Member of Louisiana CleanTech, LSU's Ag Center Advisory Committee and BDL Water Technologies.

  • General Wesley K. Clark (ret.)

    Strategic Advisor

    General Wesley K. Clark (ret.) is CEO of Wesley K. Clark & Associates, a Strategic Consulting Firm; Chairman of Clean Terra, LLC.; Co-Chairman of Growth Energy; Senior Fellow at UCLA's Burkle Center for International Relations; Director of International Crisis Group; Chairman of City Year Little Rock; as well as numerous Corporate Boards. General Clark has authored three books and serves as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative's Energy & Climate Change Advisory Board, and ACORE's Advisory Board. Clark retired a Four-Star General after 38 years in the United States Army. He graduated first in his class at West Point and completed degrees in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University (B.A. and M.A.) as a Rhodes Scholar. While serving in Vietnam, he commanded an infantry company in combat, where he was severely wounded and evacuated home on a stretcher. He later commanded at the battalion, brigade and division level, and served in a number of significant staff positions, including service as the Director Strategic Plans and Policy (J-5). In his last military assignment as Supreme Allied Commander Europe, he led NATO forces to victory in Operation Allied Force, saving 1.5 million Albanians from ethnic cleansing. His awards include the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Defense Distinguished Service Medal (five awards), Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Honorary Knighthoods from the British and Dutch Governments, and numerous other awards from other governments, including award of Commander of the Legion of Honor (France).

  • Stuart Forrest

    CEO, BDL Water Technologies, LLC

    Stuart E. Forrest is the Founder and CEO of BDL Water Technologies, L. L. C. (“BDL”), a water and wastewater treatment company that has developed paradigm shift technologies for water treatment and recycling. He has been actively involved with water treatment are related water issues for over fifteen years. As CEO, Mr. Forrest has, most recently, been involved with the design and development of one specific technology for the treatment of production well water for the oil & gas industry. This technology, and resultant treatment system, represents a ‘solution set’ that can clean production well water to U.S. EPA quality levels, allowing the water to be reused or recycled, and the system generates no secondary wastewater stream. Prior to his involvement in the water treatment arena, he was Founder, President and CEO for eleven years of Quantum Marketing Corporation, a full service international marketing consulting company in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Forrest has extensive international business experience including international management positions for both Cummins Engine Company and Jeep International Corporation.

  • Robert F. Krause

    COO, BDL Water Technologies, LLC

    Robert F. Krause is a Partner, Principal, and COO of BDL Water Technologies, LLC. Bob has worked with Mr. Forrest for over twelve (12) years in the water and wastewater treatment industry. He has more than 35 years of executive management experience in bringing new technologies to market in various industries and disparate markets. Prior to BDL, he was a Principal in Next Century Systems, Inc., which developed ‘Integrated Solution Set’ concepts to provide comprehensive service offerings for handling liquid and solid waste streams. He has held senior management positions with several emerging technology companies including storage network management, utility mapping and alternative energy generation companies. He has participated in IPO formations, negotiations as well as the preparation of PPM and corollary company presentations to Wall Street investors. He holds a BS degree in Finance and Quantitative Methods from Indiana University.

  • Ernst Schmidt

    Director of Membrane Technology

    Ernst Schmidt is the Director of Membrane Technology & Systems for BDL Water Technologies, LLC. He has over 30 years of experience and senior management responsibilities in the disciplines of water, wastewater and liquids treatment and their related processing equipment/systems. He also has the corollary experience in government (Federal & State) regulations, system design and layout (CAD), process evaluation and selection, specification preparation, permitting, technical writing, fabrication/construction and commissioning; including work on the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. He also has the capability to effectively communicate technical information to non-technical audiences. While employed at FMC Corporation, he operated their wastewater characterization laboratory where he further developed his analytical skills. He designed, constructed and operated sophisticated scaled ‘bench-top’ water treatment systems that replicated the water treatment required by full-scale systems thus insuring not only the water quality that it would deliver, but the success of its scale-up to production volumes. He is a dedicated team player, committed to providing high-quality support and excellent problem-solving skills to all organization levels within BDL. His experience and expertise in membrane technology, electro dialysis, pilot-scaled systems and practical applications within the oil and gas industry specifically is of tremendous value to BDL. He holds several patents on water treatment technology utilizing membrane technology as well as a very sophisticated ‘pretreatment’ system that can remove heavy metals and organics from production well water prior to removal of TDS.


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