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By Mike Brewer

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Provide one sentence describing your core technology.

Utilizing the thermal energy created from our sun and stored in the ambient air temperatures changes that happen daily on planet earth Gravaton Energy Resources converts that thermal energy into stored mechanical energy which can be stored and released at any given time in the future to directly create electricity or power other devices in a mechanical or hydraulic manner.


Short description of your technology

Our planet rotates on its axis in a daily cycle. Every point on the earth experiences a change in air temperature as that spot rotates to a position that faces the sun and then rotates to a position that faces away from the sun. A massive supply of energy from the sun increases the temperature of the air during the day and then the temperature decreases during the night. The innovation of Gravaton acts to capture the energy of the sun contained within the air and converts that energy into stored potential energy that can be released to produce an un-interruptible source of on-demand electricity.


What is the key element of your technology that differentiates it from existing solutions

We combine energy creation, storage, and transmission in one device to provide on demand, clean, affordable energy all from the fact that the temperature on planet earth changes each and every day. The heating of our planet everyday gives an overly abundant supply of thermal energy to draw from and we have figured out how to do it. We burn no fuels, use no water and/or chemicals, and only have a carbon footprint in the manufacturing of our equipment.


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